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Cryptography for Developers?Wonderful Digest

So what is this book about? Cryptography for Developers. Sounds authorative?and independent: Right and wrong.This text is an essential guide for developers?who are not cryptographers. It is not, however, meant to be the only text on?the subject.We often refer to other texts as solid references. Definitely, you will?want a copy of “BigNum Math.” It is an essential text on implementing the?large integer arithmetic required by public key algorithms.Another essential is?The Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ISBN 038795273X), which covers, at a?nice introductory level, all that a developer requires to know about elliptic
curve algorithms. It is our stance that we do you, the reader, more good by?referring to well-read texts on the subject instead of trying to duplicate their?effort.There are also the standards you may want to pick up. For instance, if you?are to implement RSA cryptography, you really need a copy of PKCS #1(which is free).While this text covers PKCS #1 operations, having the standard
handy is always nice. Finally, I strongly encourage the reader to acquire copies?of the LibTom projects to get first-hand experience working with crypto-graphic software.

Who is this book for? I wrote this book for the sort of people who send?me support e-mail for my projects.That is not to say this text is about the pro-jects, merely about the problems users seem to have when using them. Often,developers tasked with security problems are not cryptographers.They are?bright people, who, with careful guidance, can implement secure cryptosystems.This text aims to guide developers in their journey towards solving various?cryptographic problems. If you have ever sat down and asked yourself,“Just?how do I setup AES anyways?” then this text is for you.

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